Reviews - Historical

Gwened is excited to finally wed her warrior Hugo, but when her brother Rudalt comes back from a hunting trip, he informs Gwened that Vikings have killed Hugo. Gwened’s grief consumes her. But, her grief is quickly replaced by shock as she learns her parents have betrothed her to Hugo’s younger, malformed brother Mateudoi.

Who jilted whom? Darroch MacKeegan vows vengeance when his intended bride, Isabel MacRain, fails to show up for a marriage arranged to settle the long feud between the MacKeegan and MacRain clans. Isabel’s father swears retribution in retaliation when Darroch jilts his daughter at the altar. Is this a simple case of cold feet, or does someone else stand to gain from the mix-up?

Rodrick the Bold

Rodrick is being tormented by nightmares of a young maiden pleading for his help. Night after night, he ignores these terrorizing dreams but realizing it’s his former friend’s sister, he jumps into action- only know she needs him but not where to find her or help her once he’s there.

Not an Ordinary Baronet

After meeting on the beach one fateful night, Sir Bertie and Lady Catherine begin a new and unexpected relationship. Having just ending an engagement, Lady Catherine wants to be away from society to mourn in peace. However, after exploring some caves on the beach, she encounters some smugglers. While she did not recognize them, one of them starts coming after her.

Elise Lafontaine is minding her own business when she sees her father's missing saddlebag slung over the shoulder of a man she does not recognize. Her problem? He is on a riverboat and unaccompanied females are not allowed on board. She catches the eye of a handsome man on the boat, who pretends to be her fiancé.