Reviews - Historical

Logan lost his wife in the Spanish War yet is still overcome with grief ten years later as he searches for any woman who resembles her. By chance he comes across such a woman, and, make no mistake, it is his wife after all, as if she has come back from the dead. He confronts her only to discover she does not remember him at all.

Jacob McNamara, a.k.a. Dead Eye Jake, is a pirate who is soon to meet his match. When he raids a French ship bound for England with a lucrative cargo, his crew discovers a woman among the loot. It is not just any woman but the daughter of a nobleman. Seeing dollars signs flash before his eyes, he plans to ransom her.

A Fierce Wind

GEORGIAN:  "A Fierce Wind" takes place in 1794, during the Reign of Terror in Revolutionary France.  Raised as cousins, Zoe Ariane Donet and Fredrick “Freddie” West have known each other all their lives. Now fully grown, Freddy is an English spy and Zoe has lost her first love to the revolutionaries.

BIBLICAL FICTION:  When Jesus returns to Galilee, the wife of Simon Peter follows, hoping to rebuild her relationship with her husband, and learn from the divine teacher.

A sudden shipwreck near Castle Black brings Dr. Nicholas Warner out into a storm in search of survivors. As the villagers seek treasures washing ashore, Nicholas spots a living woman among the waves. When she is identified as the late Viola Grantham, Lady Ramsleigh, Nicholas suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mystery and a romance.