BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 7)

Le Veque

Childhood enemies Edward de Wolfe and Cassiopeia de Norville have spent years away from home and family in London training as a diplomat for the King and serving in a household of the Queen’s court.  They have both returned home just in time for a cousin’s wedding celebration to find their once antagonistic relationship blossoming into an intriguing friendship. Daniel de Motte, determined to destroy the Wolfe family, decides marriage to Cassie will be the perfect avenue to his revenge.  Although pursued relentlessly by Daniel, Cassie finds herself fascinated with the man Edward has become and he surprisingly feels the same for her. The two of them must battle their way through wedding skirmishes, past torments, and evil machinations if they wish to enjoy a destiny filled with love.  

“Black Wolfe” feels like a family reunion on steroids! Fans of Kathryn Le Veque will rejoice in the continued tale of De Wolfe Pack and new readers will feel like long lost cousins catching up with family they have only heard about.  Although meant to be a stand-alone, the inclusion of so many characters from previous novels makes it a little hard to navigate all the names and different back-stories. There is a tumultuous and humorous chemistry between the romantic characters. The villain is so well written that his thirst for vengeance almost feels righteous. The saga has action scenes with surprising twists and witty dialogue to put a smile on your face. Ms. Le Veque delivers a refreshing medieval romance told from the men’s point of view that will have reader’s cheering for the brooding hero to win the heart of the fair maiden he desires!

Tonya Mathenia