Black Diamonds (Seasons of Change Book 1)


Lily Jenkin is a young woman filled with compassion, strength, love, and life. She is forced to use all of these when the mine where her brothers work, has an explosion. Lily helps the local minister set up prayer vigils and a soup kitchen to help feed the families that are left destitute by the tragedy. While working together Lily and Evan form a special bond that leads to marriage. They are happy in their lives until tragedy strikes again and Evan is left with a huge gap in his memory that includes Lily and their unborn daughter. Try as she might, there does not seem to be a cure for Evan’s memory loss, so Lily moves to America and joins her brother and sister in law in Utah. 

“Black Diamonds” is a deep story that is rich with tragedy and strife for many. It showcases the good and evil in people and what it might have taken for people to survive that lived in the 1800’s in Wales. Between love and loss, the characters suffer a great deal in the story, but they are able to somehow persevere. “Black Diamonds” is written in a very basic language so that many readers are going to be able to read without trying to weed through words that they might not know. Although there were grammatical errors throughout the story it didn’t take away from the story itself. Three stars go to the story and the characters that are real and relatable. 

Mary-Nancy Smith