A Bit of Heaven on Earth


Elizabeth has a stubborn, defiant streak a mile wide, and delights in testing her father’s limits regularly - especially in his pursuit to see her married. Aldred of Kentwood is a legendary warrior, and an old man. Trapped into the marriage by her father’s scheming ways, Elizabeth soon finds a life she can enjoy.

Gavin and Robert are taken prisoner by the French and ransomed, Robert soon finds his way home, but things turn truly grim for Gavin as an ugly truth is revealed to all in the kingdom. Saved by the grace of kindness, Gavin returns to England and finds himself in love with another man’s wife. From one prison to another, the heart’s prison can be so much worse.

A good story requires a truly large cast of characters, and this one is no different. Through adept creation, every character comes alive on the page, making a statement of their purpose. A true art! The plot is perfectly developed, from start to finish, with all manner of emotional tableau presenting themselves. Elizabeth is an astounding character and transforms from a petulant child to a mature woman, not only on the page, but off stage as well.  Gavin is a man worthy of the bard’s tales, and his strength abounds. Slight segue hiccups make the flow of the story hard to grasp at times, detracting from an otherwise picturesque drama. Author Lauren Linwood has penned a tale that evokes both hate and love from the reader, and leaves them cheering for a "happy ever after".

Penelope Anne Bartotto