Birdie’s Nest


WESTERN, HISTORICAL: Texas Ranger Birdie Braxton attends a costume party wearing family heirloom brooch unknown origin.  When she boards a riverboat for the party it is 2013, and she is intent on convincing an upshot developer he won’t be getting his claws on her long-held family property. When she is tossed overboard she is rescued by a prosperous, handsome rancher named Tad Lockhart, who favors his dalliances with beautiful women. Problem is, Tad Lockhart lives in 1890 and now apparently, so does she. The opening scene reflects Birdie as a gutsy woman, but unexpectedly in the following pages she’s shuddering and shaking.  Surrounded by elements from the 1890’s, Birdie thinks it’s a ruse by the developer, which is surprising for an intelligent Ranger. The dialogue does improve as the story moves forward, so keep reading!  The mystery of the brooch, however, is never explored which is odd for a woman described as an investigative specialist.

Romance blooms between Tad and Birdie, but the two characters are rarely together to develop that experience. Ms. LaRoque puts many lovely descriptions of the landscape and era within the novel as well as the hardship of a twenty-first century woman fitting in during this period.  A secondary plot evolves pulling Birdie into an investigation which finally moves the story along and is well done. With a cast of interesting secondary characters, those who enjoy sweet family ties and a happily ever after can put this in their “To Be Read” shelf.


Natasza Waters