Billy Tapper Zillionaire


FAMILY SAGA:  Billy McTaggart grows up in the small town of Diggle, England. He follows in his father’s footsteps as an apprentice tapper—an esteemed job in the post-WWII railroad yard. His girlfriend, Meg, however, is not satisfied with living the working class life. One day, Billy finds something in an abandoned railcar that will change his life forever. Little does he know that the railcar is linked to his father’s past as a special-ops soldier. The adventures of Billy, his mother, and Meg range from England to the U.S.A., including encounters with Elvis and trips to Hawaii and Florida. Billy may rise above his station in life, but will his relationship with Meg survive after her betrayal? 

Gary Finnan’s illustrative language offers an escape that is akin to seeing the story on the big screen. His sometimes-flowery language provides a vivid mental image of 1950s-1960s working class Manchester that really makes the book. The story spans a large number of years, by nature making the plot more hill-like than mountain-like in terms of climax. Billy’s relationship with Meg is a bit lackluster. What drew them together in the first place? It is hard for the reader to understand, as she is largely negative. Her betrayal, though you can see the breadcrumb trail leading to it, does not have the motivation needed to truly make an emotional impact. However, Billy is well developed and we see him grow throughout, keeping the reader entertained and engaged. “Billy Tapper Zillionaire” offers a compelling slice of life, epic—at times larger than life—but a satisfying tale of the underdog rising to the top. 

Shailyn Rogers