Big Sky Blue – Shades of Blue Trilogy Prequel


Hank Cole’s world has turned upside down.  His wife has run off with a drifter, leaving him to care for their infant son Ashley.  A trip into town connects him with Betty Dawson.  She’ll care for Ashley at the ranch, until Hank finds himself a wife – but that won’t be anytime soon.  

Elizabeth Dawson is Mrs. Dawson’s niece.  She lives in Virginia with her parents, focusing on making a proper society marriage.  Her suitors are uniformly boring, but Elizabeth is resigned.  When a tragic fire claims her parents’ lives Elizabeth comes to live in Montana with her aunt to escape the horrific memories.  Baby Ashley and Hank steal her heart, but while Ashley takes to Elizabeth immediately, Hank keeps his distance.  He did not expect her to be so beautiful and fears Ashley would never be interested living with a country man on a ranch.  But Hank is the man of her dreams, literally, and she can barely keep herself from him.

Ms. McQueen pens a tender story of two young people trying to recover from life’s tragedies while exploring their growing passion for each other.  The romance between Hank and Elizabeth grows slowly, but does not disappoint, with just the right amount of back and forth.  Their growing relationship is the main focus, and the reader will be pulled into the drama of Hank’s uncertain, growing passion for Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s slow realization that Hank is the man she has waited for all her life.   While the ending is expected, the author grows the story skillfully and Hank and Elizabeth find a happiness they never dreamed possible.

Victoria Z. Burg