Reviews - Historical

REGENCY:  Lord Appleton has never lost his head at the gaming tables, yet in a single night he cannot remember, he has gambled away his fortune, and now his debts are being held by a vile man who seeks Appleton’s sister’s hand in return for the I.O.Us.

VICTORIAN:  The Honorable William Haddington is having no end of trouble wooing the woman he loves. Prone to bumbling scholarly recitations when attempting to flirt with his best friend and love, Lady Amelia Fellowes, William and his friends attempt to plan his proposal at Brooks club.

Rhys Armistead never expects to rise above his station as a stable groom, a job he loves. When a distant cousin selects Rhys as next in line for Earl of Sheffington, he is shocked and in total disbelief. He’s on the Continent fighting when he’s notified the time has come, and he must assume the title of Earl. When he meets widow Dalinda Baker by chance, the wheels of fate begin to turn.

Hazel Curwen, attendant to the Princess of Wales in 1814, arrives for duty in Connaught Place to find a raucous party occurring. She adroitly avoids the inebriated men on her way to the princess’s chambers, only to find three other young ladies hiding within the antechamber.

All Henrietta Smith wants is her roof fixed. Instead, she ends up with a British soldier in her home threatening her friends, a dog tracking mud through her house and stealing chickens, and Marcus Hardwicke disrupting her life by trying to improve it. After falling off of Henrietta’s roof, Marcus cannot leave until his broken ankle heals.