The Big Bad De Wolfe (Heirs of Titus De Wolfe #2)


After serving his Majesty Henry VII in a battle to overtake the rebellion in Cornwall, Arsenius De Wolfe, a descendant of the great William De Wolfe, has earned the Bellesea title, land and the hand of Lady Senara Ascott.  Devastated by these turn of events, Lady Senara is determined to further her family's interests regardless of the match she must make with the odious De Wolfe, yet she quickly discovers it will be difficult to withstand his charms. Doing her duty and succumbing to her fate leaves her with little options, but when he proves to be a merciful lord, putting people and her needs before himself, she begins to hope for a happy and love filled union after all.


Much is to be anticipated and fulfilled by this story when a fierce knight and feisty damsel lock wit, charm and passion. De Wolfe is a strong and bold warrior, yet shows a compassionate side, making him rather compelling. Lady Senara puts up a fight that is admirable and entertaining, yet falls in love with all defenses down. "The Big Bad De Wolfe" is a diverting story and although it is too short to really work up a longer and growing connection between Senara and Arsenius, the love scenes fire up quickly from a kiss to something much hotter and may require an extinguisher to put out! This novella is another entry in Kathryn LeVeque's "Wolfe Pack" Kindle World - comforting in its predictability yet still all enthralling in its charm.


Margaret Faria