Bhrodi's Angel: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (De Wolfe Angels Book 3)


For years Prudence Pertwee has been crossing onto the Duke of Pembroke’s lands with her birdwatching ladies to catch a sight of the rare local birds and to study all of their habits. As the new Duke of Pembroke, Bhrodi de Shera has made it his mission to stop Prudence from exploring the dangerous cliffs on his property. He has another mission as well: he must foil the plot of the rebels who are trying to overthrow English rule. Those very same rebels ensnare Bhrodi and Prudence in their trap amid the dangerous cliffs Bhrodi had been wanting her so badly to avoid.

“Bhrodi’s Angel” is a fast-paced novella. Prudence and Bhrodi’s attraction to one another is strong, enduring from the beginning of the story to end. Their initial encounters are full of tension, and that tension continues to grow over the passage of time. While the romance is the focus of the novella, there is a touch of political intrigue as well that a reader could wish to have been developed a tad bit more richly. When it comes to the looming danger, the story feels a bit rushed, leaving the action sequences to fall a little flat. The rest of the world building, however, has just the right amount of descriptive poetry without being over the top. It throws the reader right into the story. This novella is perfect for those who like their historical romances with just the right mix of danger and sexual tension.

Chelsea Anderson