Between Heaven and Hell


WESTERN:  In the 1850’s Kansas Territory, circling the wagons seems the safest means for Hannah to leave the Indian Territory behind and start a new life.  Saved by the Osage tribe at an early age, Hannah learned the valuable skill of tracking but is now considered a White Squaw. Can she convince Paden Callahan to let her be part of the team guiding the latest group of settlers west?  Paden respects Hannah, but he also wants to protect her.  Hiding his own past, the former Texas Ranger just wants to fulfill this request of aiding the settlers across the plains and return to his life in Oregon.  Can the trip help heal his soul as the attraction to Hannah draws her closer to his heart?

An exciting journey filled with perilous adventure, this is an original interesting tale with a woven plot line that comes full circle.  While an enjoyable read, “Between Heaven and Hell” has several typos, and missing, if not wrong words utilized.  Transitions into actions scenes may have readers wondering what just happened, who was involved and where did it take place.  Hanna’s status as a White Squaw and what that means to Paden also offers some slight inconsistencies.  The slighted villains and the revelation of the true source of Paden’s vengeful past actions might not ring true with some readers.  Secondary characters that flavor this tale might leave readers puzzled but it’s an ambitious attempt to wrap up all threads in this novel.  The beautiful depiction of scenery alone will capture reader’s attention as it becomes a character of its own in this tale.

Roberta Gordon