Better Than Bryon


REGENCY:  At 27 years of age, Hermione has finally obtained permission from her father to enter London’s society to find a husband. At the very first ball of her coming-out season a scandal forces her to marry a man she views as a boor. Her opinion is only further confirmed when he dumps her at his home and leaves! Left to her own devices, Hermione makes dear friends with the hired staff and upon her husband’s return obtains an annulment. She rapidly flourishes without the weight of a neglectful husband, but fate steps in at the last moment to show her exactly what she is missing.

This touching story shows the ability of love to blossom with patience and kindness and proves that a friend’s advice truly is worth taking. Unfortunately, the majority of the characters are so remarkably two-dimensional the reader can see straight through them. With nothing compelling to hold the audience’s attention it is difficult to follow Hermione's journey. There are grammatical mistakes that cannot be overlooked, such as spacing concerns where quotation marks are used. Sadly, there is no climax, not even a small bump of one.  There is a solid beginning and ending but the middle simply seems to float away. However, kudos must be given to the following of “old spinsters” instead of young hot-to-trot fillies. 

Yannie Sorensen