Betrothal (Time Enough to Love, Book One)


Lady Alyse de Courcy is happy with her lot in life. True, she would be even happier if the handsome Lord Braeton fell madly in love with her, but a girl can always dream. When King Edward announces her betrothal to Lord Braeton's rather brutish-looking friend, Sir Geoffrey Longford, all of her dreams collapse.  Sir Geoffrey is a persistent and patient man who takes his time courting her, and soon she begins to wonder if there was more to him than she could ever imagine.

"Betrothal" is a sweet love story set in the court of King Edward III. There is little attention paid to the historic events of that time, but the author does a wonderful job of making the setting enchanting!  The focus is definitely on Alyse and Sir Geoffrey and their relationship. Mostly, that is a good thing, but there were some glitches in their relationship that were unnecessary and felt contrived (the dreaded big misunderstanding). Geoffrey is a character that is hard to dislike - he's a courteous, strong and gentle man, one who is not afraid of showing his feelings. Alyse, on the other hand, shows some signs of immaturity, but is completely redeemable. Together, they simply make sense.  Jenna Jaxon has written a charming story that will leave the reader happily satisfied!

Ana Smith