Betrayed by the Ocean


Brant Foxton thought he could give up a life of piracy for the legitimate life with the woman he loves, but after a year of delays Catherine knows that Brant will never truly be happy giving up his life on the sea to be with her. She takes her brother and returns to England to try to start over. Devastated by Catherine’s desertion, Brant throws caution to the wind and returns to the ocean, leaving all his friends and family behind. Once there, he finds himself questioning who he really is and if God really does forgive even the worst of men.


A historical romance with a heavy dose of searching for redemption, “Betrayed by the Ocean” is second in the Ocean Series. After Catherine decides to leave Brant, the story follows both of them as they each separately search for a new happy ending which is a nice change from most romance novels, since in this case two mismatched characters actually do go off to find a better match. The romance was very slow and outweighed by the redemption plot line, since the focus is on both Brant and Catherine discovering their flaws, and finding new strength which left room for further exploration in book three.  The depth of the characters gives this story an edge on other historical tales that readers will appreciate.


Sarah E. Bradley