Betrayal (Time Enough to Love #2)


Lady Alyse de Courcy has what she always dreamt of – a handsome fiancée whom she loves and who loves her back.  But fate is a tricky mistress, because her beloved, Sir Geoffrey Longford, is forced to marry another woman. Alone, heartbroken and possibly pregnant with her lover’s child, all she wants to be is left to mourn. When Thomas, Lord Braeton, proposes marriage, she knows that it’s her best choice. She’s not ready to betray her love. If only she could tell who it is that she’s betraying? Her love, or her new husband?

The “Time Enough to Love” series is not of the type commonly found in the historical romance genre. The first story was about Alyse and Geoffrey, and the second tells the tale of Alyse and Thomas, after Geoffrey’s marriage. Different and intriguing. Not a lot of historical details in the story, the focus is definitely on the characters and their relationship. Thomas is a very likeable character – honorable, loving and determined. Alyse is the problem. Calling her immature may not be fair – she is all of 17 years old, but her overdramatic actions didn’t endear her. What may bother a reader who read “Betrothal”, the first book in the series, is the portrayal of Geoffrey, a fascinating character who lost his shine in “Betrayal”. Disregarding that, it’s a pleasing love story with an enchanting hero!

Ana Smith