Betrayal: Angels of Death

Michele F.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  It always happens the same way.  Lydia wakes up from the dream, drenched in sweat and screaming.  In the dream, she is an imprisoned young woman, and then a severed woman’s head appears.  What does it mean?  Lydia and her boyfriend Dan are at a loss, until Dan encourages Lydia to visit Dr. Alan Stokes, an expert on dreams and interpretation.  Lydia is reluctant, but when she finally does meet Alan, he hypnotizes her and they probe Lydia’s dream together.  They find that the dream is actually about the life of a real-life woman named Elisabeth Beeton, who was a servant to Queen Anne Boleyn.  Lydia’s dream follows bits and pieces of Elisabeth’s life, until Lydia is compelled to go to England, to solve the mystery of Elisabeth’s life, and to meet a family she never knew she had.  She must also cope with her emerging feelings for Alan, who becomes a rival with Dan for her affections.  


“Betrayal” is a serpentine mystery, as it describes the intertwining of the lives of Lydia and Elisabeth.  The storyline moves erratically back and forth from present day to the 16th century.  There are similarities between the two women’s lives, but they are subtle and difficult to spot.  The descriptions of Anne Boleyn and her life in King Henry’s court add a welcome dimension to the story; however, the growing romance between Lydia and Alan could have used more development.  It comes on suddenly with no prior explanation, leaving the reader surprised.  In the end, Lydia must choose her man and figure out the dream to bring peace to her life once and for all. Still, mystery aficionados who love a good romance to boot, will want scoop this one up!


Victoria Z. Burg