Beth: A Regency Romance Novella


Beth Harrismith lives with her sister Jenny and her family. When Jenny is called away to a family emergency, she tells Beth to go to the planned ball without her but will have Mrs. Grayshott accompany her. Beth is sad to go without Jenny but reluctantly leaves anyway. Beth participates in all the activities under Mrs. Grayshott’s watchful eyes and even meets Marcus Nyeland. After one dance, Beth is instantly attracted to Marcus but decides she must dance with other men. When Beth dances with Lord Ramsey she suddenly receives a missive that Jenny is hurt. Beth must go to Jenny and Lord Ramsey offers to take Beth to her. Beth realizes though that Ramsey has nefarious plans for her instead. 

This suspenseful regency novella is packed with fun characters and has a slightly Gothic feel! The story, however, has too many things happening which makes the writing appear choppy. The plot rushes along so quickly that many plot twists never get resolved. Even though the characters are described fully, their interactions and the unbelievably quick romance comes off as being superficial. Readers will definitely question the strong feelings and the quick relationship developing between the two. Beth, the independent and feisty heroine, is a very strong presence, not really needing anyone to help save her and overshadows everyone in the story despite being winsome and pleasant. Marcus, on the other hand, is an adequate hero but feels like an added afterthought instead of being a full participant. Flaws aside, “Beth” still manages to be a charming and appealing read!

Roslynn Ernst