The Best Is Yet To Be (de Wolfe Pack Book 15)

Le Veque

Paris de Norville has outlived some of his children and now with the loss of his wife Caladora, he is adrift in his grief. Feeling useless and a failure in his old age he contemplates ending his own suffering. Jemma Scott Hage has resigned herself to loneliness in her remaining years as a widow, finding only minimal comfort in visiting her husband’s grave. When Paris’ daughter suggests the pair find romance in their remaining years friends and family find the suggestion impossible. Can the woman Paris once nicknamed ‘The Banshee’ rekindle his drive to live, or will the sparks that once made the pair converse in taunts sputter and die? 

Proof that true love can be found more than once, “The Best is Yet to Be” is a brilliant tale of love found again in one’s twilight years. This tale is so emotionally charged — readers will find themselves drowning in Paris’ grief and soaring on his hope as he and Jemma consider romance. Furthermore, readers do not have to have read any other books in this series to fall for Paris and Jemma’s romance and humorous banter; in fact, they may find themselves backtracking to earlier books just to get more of them. A truly wonderful romance, the only missing aspect of this medieval tale is some heroic knightly action. Even without that, Ms. Le Veque has once again written a winner!

Sarah E Bradley