The Best Intentions (Book 1, The Huntresses)

Sarah M.

Gillian Phelps has worked hard to keep her reputation intact, and her benefactress has too, ensuring she will be able to have a season with hopes of receiving a much-needed marriage proposal. Scott Sarvol has inherited a mountain of debt from an uncle who seems to have set him up for failure. When Scott and Gillian find themselves at a house party together Scott ends up being the only one who can help Gillian in a moment of crisis. As they work together to save her benefactress’ ailing health, they begin to find a friendship and a romance that can never be. Gillian must marry someone with holdings and Scott needs a wealthy heiress.

What starts in a typical fashion with a house party turns into a wonderful story of star-crossed love. Gillian and Scott start not even as friends with neither trusting the other. But as they learn to rely on each other and develop a friendship and trust the tender beginnings of a romance are lit. Their friendship soon grows to a romance and those tender feelings become an inferno that cannot be ignored but must be banked and extinguished because they each must seek a spouse with money. Gillian and her huntress friends are strong capable heroines who must fit into societies expectations of women and fight with the means they are allowed. A masterfully woven tale of an impossible love match historical romance fans won’t want to miss. The second book in this series can’t come soon enough.

Cara Cieslak