Beloved Crusader (Curse of the Lost Isle, #6)


MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Palatina the Fae was cursed to sit in a remote cave and guard her father’s treasure for the crime she and her sisters committed against him. For centuries she has waited for someone worthy to come claim it and set her free. When the handsome and honorable Pierre de Belfort, a Christian Knight of Lorraine, braves the climb, shows proof of his liege’s family connection and describes the cause in need of funding, Palatina believes she can finally be free even though the cause is Christian and not Pagan. Will following her heart lead her to salvation or doom?



Set in the spring of 1096, right before the start of the First Crusade, the wonderfully detailed writing immediately draws the reader into this unusual collision of Pagan and Christian religions. Beauties and horrors of the era are given equal time and provide a vivid look at what life could have been for Pagans and Christians alike. Palatina and Pierre are so life-like one could expect them to step out of the page, chain mail jingling and swords flashing. As a Pagan, if discovered Palatina could be burned at the stake, and Pierre could stand accused simply by association. Yet they are drawn to each other as if it were ordained. In addition to a growing romance between two people with disparate religious beliefs there is danger of discovery, the hazards of a long journey and battles to survive. Does love conquer all? One can only hope - for without hope the battle is lost before it begins.


Carol Conley