Bella’s Point


Isabella Troy Stanley is a scandalous woman. Not only does she call a slave her brother, but she is a divorced woman living on her own. For her own safety, she needs a husband, and she has someone on her mind – Jack Byron. Jack was a stable hand on her father’s plantation and someone she was in love with before life hit her hard. She might actually get another chance. 


Jack can’t believe his luck. Not only is he out of prison, but the girl by whom he was always fascinated is asking him to marry her. Although he is hesitant, he can’t resist. 

But they both have secrets. And those secrets might just ruin any chance of a happy life together. 


"Bella's Point" is a story about a woman trying to survive in the aftermath of the Civil War. Bella has a lot of courage. Life hasn’t been kind to her, but she fought hard to be happy and she prevailed. That part of the story is inspiring. Bella and Jack make a good team, but their romance isn’t that convincing. What with all the secrets they keep from each other, it’s a miracle they didn’t start hating each other. The story also suffers from too much drama at certain key points. It’s just too much to believe. Nevertheless, it still makes for a compelling read, and certainly won’t allow a reader to stay indifferent to Bella’s life.


Ana Smith