Bella’s Band

Alina K.

REGENCY:  Annabelle has a penchant for taking in orphaned children until they can be placed elsewhere. She has two boys in her care: Thomas and two year old Robby. She is a spinster and has a small fortune of her own. She is happy with her life until the day she meets Steven Beauverde, Earl of Hackwell. Steven is a reluctant Earl and is in search of his dead brother’s son and hopes to prove the child’s legitimacy. Then he can continue with his travels as a free man. As he searches for the lost child, it seems that Steven’s new purpose is to rescue Annabelle from uncomfortably tight spots.


This is a macabre tale of lost heirs, murdered Earls, foundlings, and unlikely romance. The secrets held by the ladies in the story add much and help to move the story forward. Annabelle holds the most crucial secret, but there is an unexpected twist near the end. There is a lot of action and intrigue, as well as scenes that will have the reader sitting on the edge of their seat. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t always flow well and there was some confusion in keeping some of the characters straight. From the beginning, Steven wants to wed Annabelle, but she feels she isn’t good enough for him; he needs to marry someone who is a daughter of the ton. By the end, all the loose ends are gathered together to form a very satisfying happily ever after.


Belinda Wilson