Believe in Me (Vengeance Trilogy #3)


MEDIEVAL:  Lady Cristiana is seeking revenge against her mother's murderer, and she has a perfect escape plan in place.  Unfortunately, she hasn't considered Sir William de Bremont.  A mercenary charged with escorting her to new guardian, he won't even consider the possibility that Bishop Thomas Duval might have nefarious plans for his new ward.  To make matters worse, both are fighting feelings that only keep growing while they travel. Now all they need to do is survive long enough to find happiness.

William is an honorable man who keeps his promises even when it means that he could lose Cristiana. Of course, he is also strong, manly and attractive. Cristiana is a good and likable heroine. She is  stubborn, feisty and doesn't know the meaning of the phrase giving up (although that may not be such a good thing). Together they make a formidable team. As for the supporting cast, there are some fascinating people, like Henry, William's friend, and Nicholas and Elizabeth de Bremont (their story sounds awesome).  

The final installment in the Vengeance Series, "Believe in Me" can be read as a stand alone.  There were some bumps towards the end concerning Cristiana’s character, and the story needed to show more of the courtship in order for the reader to really experience and believe their relationship. As with most trilogies and series, they are best served read in their entirety.  Still, it an engrossing medieval romance with lots of interesting characters... with a dash of paranormal!

Ana Smith