Beggars Can’t Be Choosier


Can money buy anything? Even love? Katherine Chandler has a fortune rivaling that of any of the ton but lacks the one thing to grant her entry into their exclusive circles—a title. Her father started with nothing and worked till he’d amassed a fortune, but without a title he was forever shunned. Katherine isn’t about to let her father’s legacy be for naught. Especially when titles could be bought.

The Earl of Aftlake has a title but what earthly good is it doing him? While his friends of lower rank enjoy cushy lives of leisure, he’s left with the debts of his father and barely enough to survive on. When the enigmatic Katherine presents him with her proposal, he’s hard pressed to accept, but when love enters the mix, he’s left wondering if he can hold up his end of the bargain.

“Beggars Can’t Be Choosier” is a charming delight written in an historical style. The author’s extensive research and love of the era is evident. Wilkin successfully creates a believable world that one easily becomes immersed in.  It invites the reader into the drawing room of lords and ladies and begs them to stay for tea. A few minor editing problems are more noticeable due to the style of writing and the pacing could be faster, but the main characters are engaging and the love story is delightful!  

Sofia St. Angeles