The Beauty of You


Lady Charmaine de Vere seems to have an idyllic life and is the envy of the ton. What nobody knows is that she harbors a horrible secret in her heart and soul - a secret that prevents her from living her life to the fullest. The Earl of Chilton, Sinclair Darling, marries Charmaine after she tricks him into the necessary arrangement. Unaware of the secret she so deftly keeps, he fights to not love her until she reveals her deceptive reasoning. Unfortunately, it is hard to pretend not to love someone when you have loved them for years in secret. 

Charmaine is a character worth hating, yet impossible not to love once she is understood. She fights to maintain a mask, but the Darling family has a way of breaking down barriers. After marrying Sin she lives daily with the family and becomes one of them, without even realizing it. Her need to protect her younger sister drives her every decision, even those that place her in danger. Sinclair is a driven man, determined to live a rigid life, but also unable to resist Charmaine’s charms. Together with the delightful cast of characters that comprises the Darling family and friends, an incredible adventure unfolds before the reader’s eyes. Replete with vivid imagery, a truly realistic plot concept, and deft attention to detail, “The Beauty of You”, makes the world a better place. The third book in a series, it can easily stand alone, and equally compliments the previous novels. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto