The Beauty of Love (American Wilderness Series Romance Book 6)


WESTERN:  Widow Dora Tudor is not looking for love, but when she meets Edward Wyllie at the cemetery while she is visiting her late husband's grave, she cannot help feel herself drawn to the handsome widower. The attraction is mutual, even though Edward is fighting his demons of misplaced guilt over the death of his wife and children. However, their budding relationship takes a back seat when they become apprised of a family situation that involves Catherine, who happens to be good friend of Dora, and Catherine’s husband Sam, who happens to be Edward’s brother.  


This historical romance which takes place in the American colonies in the early 1800s, is resplendent in historical details and beautiful descriptions. Containing elements of intrigue, suspense, excitement, sadness, and love, this tale keeps one riveted to the pages from beginning to end. With characters that are well developed and likeable and a plot that flows unfettered, the reader is treated to a captivating and entertaining tale that uplifts the spirits and warms the heart. There are a few instances of shifting POVs, however these are quickly overlooked as one becomes enmeshed in this amazing story that touches the heart. Historical as well as romance readers will find this novel to their liking, leaving them with a satisfied sigh when all is said and done. 


Janna Shay