Beauty and the Highlander


SCOTTISH:  Analise Macgregor hasn’t had an easy life. After her husband died, she lost the child she was carrying. Now she is to marry a stranger, just so her clansmen won’t attack her. Luckily, her husband, besides being a very handsome man, seems the reasonable sort. What more could a woman want?  Only her husband’s love.

Carrick Gordon knows his duty. He will wed Analise and get her with child, but he will release her afterwards. After all, it won’t do to force a good lass to live with a man with a face as scarred as his. What he didn’t really count on was her wanting him. Or on either of them falling in love.

"Beauty and the Highlander" is a classic Beauty and the Beast plot set in the beauty of Highlands. There is just something about a scarred hero who doesn’t see himself as worthy of a good woman that makes him stand out and intrigues the reader.  Carrick is also honorable and attentive. As for Analise, it is impossible not to give her credit for seeing beneath Carrick’s shield and learning to love him. Ms. McQueen's book suffers a bit for its shortness. Having more time dedicated to Analise and Carrick would’ve done wonders for their romance, as well as for the entire plot. All in all though, "Beauty and the Highlander" is great for a reader looking for a short and steamy highland romance!

Ana Smith