The Bear’s Heart (Guinevere Book 2)


TIME TRAVEL: Queen Guinevere, also known as ordinary librarian Gwen Fry from the twenty-first century, stands amidst the circle of magical stones on Glastonbury Tor and makes the fateful decision to remain in fifth century Britain with her new husband, King Arthur Pendragon. At his side, Gwen hopes to fulfill the destiny for which Merlin kidnapped her from her own time into this one. Merlin’s prophecy was that she will be instrumental in the King’s destiny to unite Britain and drive out the Saxon invaders. But to do so, she must contend with the perils of conniving noblemen, misogynistic values, her own modern sensitivities, and perhaps even Arthur’s own darkness. Will Gwen be able to steer Arthur towards fame and success, or will his mother’s vision of Gwen, surrounded by blood and betrayal, come to pass?

“The Bear’s Heart” is Part Two of a series. “The Dragon’s Ring” precedes this volume and should be read beforehand. Fil Reid evokes the exciting adventures of a warrior king who must fight forces from outside his kingdom and within to protect his land, his people, and his family. The author excels in reconstructing the unblemished scenery and the brutal innocence of a dark age unspoiled by modern concerns but plagued by its own set of incomprehensible cruelties. Through Gwen’s eyes,  Arthurian Britain is brought to life in both fantastical and historical brilliance. Happiness and heartaches are vivid. The pacing is marvellous, mesmerizing, and active. This medieval fantasy is highly recommended for its romantic and historic immersion. “The Bear’s Heart” ends with Arthur and Guinevere’s story embroiled in crisis and is to be continued.

Joan Lai