Bay of Fear (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 3)

Le Veque

In a remote corner of Cornwall, an abandoned castle has fallen into the possession of the Earl of Avon who sends his best knight, Tenner de Velt, to turn the dilapidated castle into a stronghold against pirates. Tenner isn’t bothered by the ghostly rumors surrounding Baiadepaura Castle, but he isn’t excited about bringing his new wife, Analyla St. Lo, to his new command, and even less thrilled that she is looking into the ghostly tales. Analyla is determined to be a good wife to Tenner, but with so new a relationship, the last thing she wants is for him to think her silly or mad. Securing the castle against ghosts and pirates might seem like a tall order for Tenner and Analyla but honesty, passion, and determination might prevail. 

It is said that a good book will always feel too short, “Bay of Fear” is one such tale. Featuring two distinct main characters and a diverse supporting cast, this tale is an excellent cross between medieval knights and a gothic romance. The mystery surrounding the ghostly lord is well executed, and the pirate conflict adds just the right amount of action. However, the romance between Analyla and Tenner is lacking, in that it begins as an insta-love tale with her first outburst of honesty, followed by an intense round of blazing sex, and then nothing follows, leaving the reader wondering what happened to the romance. Whether this was done purposely to ensure the reader would want more in this series or simply because the focus was on pirates and ghosts is uncertain. Regardless, one way or another, this book is not one to miss!

Sarah E Bradley