Battle Wolfe (De Wolfe Pack Book 16)

Le Veque

Warwick Herringthorpe, known as War, is a royal knight just given command of Bamburgh Castle. War is hurt in a battle against the Scots and saved by a Scotswoman. On his death bed. the only father War has ever known confesses War’s true lineage just before War goes to visit William de Wolfe, known as the Wolf of the border. When War arrives at the Wolfs castle, he finds his angel Scotswoman, Annaleigh, also in residence. War and Annaleigh have an instant attraction, but can a Scot and a royal knight have a future? And how will the truth of War’s father complicate the budding romance.
War is a complex and honorable character. Annaleigh is a sweet but strong heroine. War and Annaleigh have instant chemistry, but the complexities of their family relationships add a hurdle that makes their longing for one another more intense. This is the 16th book in a series but is easily read as a stand-alone. The fight scenes are gruesome and graphic. Much of the plot was predictable and felt very familiar. Yet, some of the plot left more questions than it answered. Once Annaleigh and War are together, the steamy scenes leave a desire for more and were not as fulfilling as they could have been. More development would have made this story come to life. Still it is a rollicking romance novel filled with fight scenes, strong knights, and strong women!
Cara Cieslak