The Baronet’s Lady Biologist

Alissa Baxter

Georgiana Linfield is bored with ladylike activities and would do almost anything to travel the world rather than be trapped by marriage. She is in her first season of London society and dreading every moment until she gets offered to catalog items for her cousin, and paint South American butterflies. Her initial idea of the ideal man would be someone who caved to her every whim, until she falls for Sir Giles Tavistock. She is enthralled by Pierre Alphonse at first and repelled by Giles, learning initial impressions are often unreliable. Will the circumstances and timing ever align for Giles and Georgiana, or will tempers prevail in keeping them apart?

Coming of age Georgiana insists she will never be caged by marriage and would rather be a spinster, falling for the first man to appear to appreciate her intellect. She takes risks and isn’t afraid to speak her mind in a time when ladies are thought to be meek and un-knowledgeable. The ups and downs of each misunderstanding and ill timing make for a roller coaster page turning romance. Giles never trusts Georgiana; at every turn he believes the worst about her making the relationship hard to believe it has a chance at all. She never corrects him but lets him find out from others the truth, which seems a bit false given her character and the way she speaks the truth of her mind. In the burglary of Georgiana’s bedchamber, it seemed to warrant her reconciliation with the later attempted burglaries, but no connection was addressed and rather washed over. Very true to life characters complete with flaws, and the storyline is well written and a joy to uncover. The metaphor of Giles setting the butterfly free once it escaped the chrysalis ties in perfectly with Georgiana and her avoidance to confinement.   

Amy Rubottom