Baron of Rake Street (Sisterhood of Secrets Book 2)


Lord Andrew St. John’s gambling and drinking have driven his estate to near bankruptcy. Desperate to save it, he uses his charm to con naïve women into giving him both jewelry and coins. Then he overhears a stunning young woman boast of her family’s wealth and he sets on a course to win the lady and her dowry. Miss Emma Hunter never forgot the kiss she exchanged with the infamous Baron of Rake Street. Unfortunately, her father has promised her hand to another. But then Lord St. John requests to call on her, and the chance to make her dreams come true seems within reach. But with lies between them, can true love develop, or will their gambles ruin them for good?

An historical romance does not often involve a coming-of-age story, but in “Baron of Rake Street” that is exactly what readers will find. As the romance continues from an encounter in the previous book, readers will want to read the books in order to avoid confusion and spoilers. This book is different from most romances in this genre in that the main characters are not the ones who drive the change and resolve conflict. Instead, the main characters are poor and hiding it. They lie, make several poor choices, and their flaws are brought out clearly. However, through the actions of the characters around them, conflicts are resolved, and they both grow together. Further, there are several scenes put in place to address the previous book and start the romance for the next book. Overall, readers will either find it satisfactory and move on, or delight in everything this book offers!

Sarah E Bradley