To Bargain With A Highland Buccaneer (Heart Of A Scott Book 8)


Branwen Glanville just wanted a little adventure in her life, but nothing could have prepared her for what would happen when a case of mistaken identity suddenly puts her life in jeopardy and opens her eyes to a plethora of new experiences, not all of which are appropriate! Bryson McPherson, former privateer and agent of the Crown just wants to be left alone to grieve the loss of the woman he loved at the hands of a ruthless pirate who wanted information she simply did not know. Now he finds himself having to protect Branwen from this same wretched man, all because of a misunderstanding. Vowing not to fail again, he will give everything he has to protect this woman who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, even if he has to risk his heart again to do so. 

Set in the 1800s, this Highlander Romance spends very little time actually in the Highlands, which surprisingly, really sets the story apart from other novels in the same genre. From hiding in a brothel, to life on the High Seas, readers will love the unique take on the traditional Scottish love story. Pirates, treasure hunting, and adventure awaits this unlikely couple, thrown together under very unusual circumstances but so obviously meant to be together. Readers will be rooting for this crazy couple from the beginning. A five-star page-turner that sets Collette Cameron in a highlander league of her own!

Melanie Newton