Barefoot in Hyde Park


Lilly Burkhart knew she would be in trouble when the Viscount grandson of her employer discovers her walking barefoot in the park. What she did not realize was that her life would be turned completely upside down! She has been previously told that she must marry to come into an inheritance from her long-lost great-aunt, but would marriage bring her happiness? Lord Valentine Somers is a Viscount by day but a spy by night. He is faced with an uncertain future when his grandmother gives him an ultimatum: get married, or lose his inheritance. After he and Lilly come across each other in the park, he finds a solution to both of their problems and proposes marriage. As soon as they announce their engagement, unseen forces start to make deliberate attacks on Lilly. Can Val protect her while still protecting his heart?

Chasity Bowlin weaves a delightful tale of two people coming together to solve their problems, only to create a bigger problem by falling in love. Val and Lilly have some delightful banter, which will leave the reader entertained to the very last page. The plot does move a bit quickly at certain times, as the characters jump from place to place with no breathing room in between. Additionally, there are some grammatical errors littered throughout the novel that can detract from the overall effect. Despite that, readers will be captivated by this blossoming love story. Ms. Bowlin does a great job of creating characters that seemingly come alive. One will have a hard time leaving this book behind!

Jen Griffin