Banished Love


Living in Boston in the early 1900’s, free-spirited Clarissa Sullivan refuses to conform to the social conventions of her family and her class.  Determined to live a purposeful life as a contributing member of society, rather than the sheltered wife of a domineering man, she is not afraid to share her views on the inequality of the sexes. When she meets Gabriel McLeod, a struggling cabinetmaker who captivates her heart, she finds herself battling not only her determination to remain single, but also the stringent rules imposed by both her stepmother and Victorian society. 

"Banished Love" is an entertaining historical romance that touches on the women suffrage movement, the conventions and prejudices of society, class distinction, and the family expectations that women were subjected to in the Victorian era. While an entertaining read, the flow of the story is a little slow. The author paints wonderful pictures through extensive description, but the exuberant details tend to hinder the rhythm. 

As this book is not listed as a series, it is quite surprising when the story ends in an abrupt manner, leaving the reader unsatisfied and wanting more. Even so, it is a sweet romance with likable characters, a believable story line, and great use of secondary characters that enrich the story. The delightful tale has a good story line that holds the reader’s interest from beginning to end, but would have had a greater impact if it culminated in a happily ever after. 

Janna Shay