Bailey's Revenge (Irish Twist of Fate)


Irish beauty Kathleen McGillpatrick is born after her Catholic family loses Kilmore, the land they once ruled over.  She finds herself in the middle of an insurrection headed by her family as they try to reclaim Kilmore from Earl Isaac Turner, the nobleman given their holdings by the Anglicans. The hatred between the McGillpatricks and the Turners burns high, and Kathleen has become the pawn her family wishes to use to take the Earl down.  The problem is, Kathleen doesnt hate Isaac. In fact, shes in love with her familys hated enemy and must choose between the love of her family and the love of her heart. 


"Bailey's Revenge", which takes place in Ireland in the early 1700s, touches on the struggle between the Catholics and the Anglicans. Even though Kathleen is one of the main protagonists, this tale reads more like a McGillpatrick saga rather than a romance novel. 


The reader may have difficulty keeping focus as the many sub-plots and betrayals unfold throughout the book.  The story turns very dark, detailing the gruesome acts of murder, torture, rape, and abusive assault that are interspersed with tales of love. The inefficient character development takes a back seat to the constantly shifting POVs, but the improbability of Kathleens lasting love for Isaac in view of his proclivity for abuse, rape, murder, and torture makes their romance doubtful. 


Readers who love dark historical fiction will find this novel interesting. The intriguing plot has lots of potential and with content work, has a chance to become a good historical read. 


Janna Shay