A Badge for Redemption (Redemption Bluff Book 9)

Lynda J.

WESTERN:  Redemption Bluff is looking for a sheriff above reproach and of strong, moral character. While Sam Miller might not have high moral standing, he figures if a former outlaw can become the Mayor, he might just have a chance at the stable sheriff’s job instead of tracking outlaws as a Pinkerton. But it’s been a few years since Sam left Redemption and its sister town of Purgatory, and the woman he left behind isn’t eager to welcome him back. Vanessa Larrison just wanted to escape Purgatory and return to her sister, but when Charlotte Denton takes her sister captive, Vanessa will do anything to save her, even ruin a man who might just be able to heal her heart. All three are gambling everything, but when others hold all the cards, winning will require more than a little luck.

An edgy western romance, full of tension and emotion, “A Badge for Redemption” is a wild ride for lovers of historical romance. Featuring multiple points of view, the story can be read as a stand-alone but is best understood when read in the series order as this book leans on prior books for character descriptions, motivations, and other plot threads. The romance itself is emotional but a bit jarring as the characters dance around past history and current secrets and points of view change abruptly. Further, the heroine is often overshadowed by the antagonist, making this more a story of revenge than romance. However, fans of darker westerns will find plenty to sink their teeth into, in this story of vengeance!

Sarah E Bradley