Avoiding the Earl’s Lust (The Lords of Vice Book 2)


Edward, Earl of Lippincott, has been admonished by his brother, the Duke, not to get involved with any of this season’s debutantes. This puts Edward in a quandary because it is love at first sight when he sees Lady Aurelia Coddington. Her uncle knows of Edward’s reputation as a rake and has Aurelia turn down all of Edward’s invitations. Edward is determined. Then the family learns Viscount Hollingsford has been released from prison and has vowed once more to avenge his wife’s death by killing Jared, Duke of Wyndmere and his brother Edward. With the exception of Edward, the family travels back to their country home, Wyndmere. Their sister, Phoebe, invites her friends Aurelia and Calliope to stay with them. The ladies think all is well, but several attacks have happened without their knowledge. Edward, fearful for Aurelia’s life, is en route to Wyndmere. Will he get there in time?

“Avoiding the Earl’s Lust” is a continuation of “Mending the Duke’s Pride”. The characters are larger than life and spring from the pages into the reader’s imagination. Even secondary characters are given special treatment and are three dimensional. A lot of time is spent describing the mundane everyday activities in this story, slowing down the pace. Romance is only a minor item in this novel as the hero and heroine spend very little time together. The title is misleading as the Earl has given up his lustful ways by the time he sees Aurelia. It is, however, an enjoyable book with characters that are easy to come to love, and some heart-pounding action-packed scenes. A brilliant way to conclude the Viscount storyline!

Belinda Wilson