Autumn's Touch (Seasons of Fortitude Series Book 3)


Lady Autumn is on her way back from Scotland when her boat must make an unscheduled docking due to bad weather. While there, she is kidnapped by men of the feared Lord Ravenscar who is rumored to be a beast of a man and is feared by all. Lord Benedict Grenfell took over the identity of Lord Ravenscar when the real Lord fell ill and died. But when he himself becomes ill, he needs assistance from a healer and as luck would have it, he hears of one that has docked nearby. He sends his men to kidnap her and bring her back to him. What he doesn't plan on is how his feelings begin to grow for the beautiful healer as she begins to tear down the walls he has put up around himself. 

From the first page, this book moves at a brisk and adventure-filled pace. Autumn is a strong character who has a kind and loving heart; she is the perfect match for Benedict. The dialogue and vocabulary are well researched and presented. More description would have been beneficial in certain scenes of the book, but those places small in number. There are some very passionate romantic scenes which will leave readers a little hot under the collar. This is a very promising addition to the series, and readers will be eager to read more from this talented author. Readers will potentially get through this book in one sitting, a real page turner!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick