Autumn Sage (Las Morenas, Book Four) (Las Morenas Series 2)


WESTERN:  U.S. Marshall Sebastian Spencer has been ordered to apprehend and bring a criminal to justice - one who brutally attacked Isabel Moreno and shattered her peace of mind. No longer able to teach, Isabel knows that her attacker must be captured and held accountable for what he has done before she can go on with her life. Holding her emotions inside is the only way she’s been able to cope, until Sebastian with his rigid self control forces her to feel things she’s been fearful to admit. However, Sebastian is fighting his own inner demons and is afraid to let his attraction for Isabel expose itself. When fate forces them in close proximity, they will find out if it’s a blessing or a curse.  


This historical romance set in the late 1800s Southern California, starts out a bit slow and progresses at a tepid pace until the trial, at which time the pace quickens and the romance between the protagonists heats up. However, with well-developed characters and a story line that’s totally engrossing, the reader’s interest does not wander. The plot becomes progressively more involved as secondary characters are introduced to the story and their individual agendas are brought to light. But, by no means is this a light read. This is a complex tale of crime and romance that touches on some of the trials and tribulations facing the people of California as life changes and cultures blend. With vibrant descriptions, sensual love scenes, and interesting banter, this novel is sure to please readers of many genres!


Janna Shay