Autumn Duchess

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Antonia, Duchess of Roxton, has been in mourning for three years.  Wed at a very young age to the love of her life, the Duke of Roxton’s death has left her adrift with no reason or desire to go on.  Her family are at their wits end as they watch her spend hours each day sitting by her beloved’s resting place.  She is still an incredible beauty who has so much of life ahead, if she would only look around her.

Enter young Jonathan Strang, the devastatingly handsome second son of a second son who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps through hard work in manufacturing. Determined to acquire the land that rightfully belongs to him, Jonathan encounters the older, icy and elusive but jaw-droppingly beautiful Antonia.   He quickly determines to break through her cold demeanor to uncover that spark of fiery brilliance held within.

Seldom has history and romance melded together with such beauty and delectable deliciousness than this! The history is spot on and the character’s are painted with perfect deftness. They are compelling but flawed, with challenges, insecurities and strengths that encourage the reader to cry and cheer, as each encounter tragedies and triumphs on their road to a love redeemed. Admittedly the experience is heightened if one has read it’s predecessors but is still relishable as a stand-alone.  Pitch perfect yumminess from one of the brightest stars on the Indie-romance horizon!"

TJ Mackay