Amanda L.V.
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MYSTERY:  Audra can't make up her mind – should she go to St. James Court to be presented to society, as all young ladies of her station do? Or should she just have a party at home, so she can stay with Crispin, who she intends to marry. Crispin's Aunt Sutherland offers to chaperone her, so Audra decides to throw caution to the wind and kick up her heels just this once. What she doesn't expect is Aunt Sutherland vaguely deciding to extend her stay in London, dragging Audra to interminable balls to meet eligible men, when she had already given her heart to Crispin. Things take a turn for the worse, with Audra being stalked by a mysterious stranger and becoming infatuated with Lord Everton, who keeps turning up to rescue her at the most opportune moments. Lord Everton is not all he seems, however, and Aunt Sutherland has a devious plan that will keep Audra from marrying her true love. All seems hopeless, and Audra despairs of every seeing Crispin, her family, or her home again.

Audra is a mystery within a romance, with great characters and a plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It is also a delightful peek into life in nineteenth century England. Will Audra escape Aunt Sutherland's plotting? Will Crispin wait for her? Can Audra avoid the clutches of the mysterious stranger? Read Audra and solve this engaging romantic mystery!

Victoria Z. Burg