Arucard (Brethren Origins Book One)


MEDIEVAL:  Arucard is a Templar Knight in a time when the kings of Europe have declared his Order outlawed and are hunting and killing the Knights with abandon.  When he and a band of his fellow knights escape to England, their loyalty to the English throne is put to the ultimate test.  Despite his vow of chastity, Arucard must commit to a political marriage or lose his life.

Isolde is the beautiful daughter of an English Lord.  Unlike many women of her time, she relishes the thought of marrying a complete stranger as means of freedom from her father’s unholy obsession with her.

“Arucard” is a sweetly romantic story of love and fidelity in the face of political intrigue and familial treachery.  Written in Period English, the language at first seems overdone and at times the reader may want to keep a dictionary handy.  Hold fast dear reader!  The rhythm of the prose and the archaic language soon become a time machine, transporting one into the days of knights and their ladies fair!

This is a well-researched novel and a fascinating glimpse into the past. The plot-line at first appears predictable, but the author adds enough unexpected twists and turns to create a sophisticated story line.  For readers who are not devoted fans of Historical Romance, “Arucard” is a bit of a sleeper, but will help to convert many to the genre.

Gwenellen Tarbet