Arizona Sunset


Abigail Spenser is a spinster living in the Arizona territory in the 1800’s.  Tired of living  under her father’s rule, she goes on a quest to the desolate hills to retrieve her father’s stolen property.  When she happens upon cattle rustler Sam Ryker, she sees him as the end to her problems.  Sam, a gunslinger and border rustler who lives from day to day, takes Abby up on her offer against his better judgment. Their bargain recklessly made, then sealed with a hasty marriage, is anything but smooth sailing. 


This story starts easy and seems to follow the traditional lines of a historical romance. The tale takes an innovative turn, when Abby rides to an isolated area for stolen mail bags, asks a rustler to take her along with him, and then gets married to the rustler she knows nothing about. The improbability of those events taking place in that era are far-fetched and unrealistic, although the interactions between the protagonists are heartwarming. Sam’s sensitivity and gentleness with Abby makes his character endearing and has the reader overlooking the fact that he’s a rustler and a man who lives by the gun. The character development is good and the plot moves smoothly.  Ultimately, “Arizona Sunset” is a story of second chances, destiny, and true love. A romance that will have the reader believing in improbabilities and cheering for happily ever after!

Janna Shay