Reviews - Historical

How to Marry Your Wife
Stella Marie

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Thomas D'Agostine must leave his love, the Lady Meredith Umfraville, to join his fellow Templar knights on the crusade to Jerusalem. Feeling devastated he spends a few cherished but stolen moments with her until they can meet again and marry.

After the Great War ends, Cassandra Smythe leaves the Women's Auxiliary Corps to return to her aristocratic life at Cheadle Manor.  When stuffy English society begins to choke her fiance Douglas's liberated American view, he flees to Boston and leaves Cassandra behind.  She

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Kenton le Bec, the attack dog of the Earl of Warwick, is sent on direct orders to capture and control Babylon castle, an important fortress for King Henry in the fight against King Edward IV for the throne. Upon seizing the castle Kenton discovers that the mis

Matthew Wilcox and his son Chance run a detective agency in 1908 Spokane, Washington. With the help of deputies, his crime-reporter girlfriend Annie and her newspaper-owning father, Matthew and Chance are on the trail of ruthless men from Seattle who are killing off landowners around a mine in Idaho. These men will stop at nothing to own it all, even as bodies pile up.

Marshal Matthew Wilcox has finally decided to retire as a lawman, study to become a lawyer, and work part-time from home so he can enjoy his life with his wife and children. However, when he arrives home, he finds his wife murdered and his life turned upside down.