Reviews - Historical

REGENCY:  Miss Emma Baxter went to live with her aunt and uncle after her mother passed away and her father didn’t want her anymore. Now she discovers that her uncle has accumulated a large amount of debt and plans to give her to a disgusting baron in exchange for debt forgiveness. On their way to perform the marriage ceremony, Emma manages to get away.

It Started With a Whisper
Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Deb Marlowe,
Christina McKnight, Erica Monroe, Ava Stone

“It Started With a Whisper” is a collection of six clean regency romances revolving around the scandal sheet reportings of one mysterious “Lady X”. Even an innocent kiss or a most private ungentlemanly wager are not too small or discreet to escape the notice of Lady X.

Gwened is excited to finally wed her warrior Hugo, but when her brother Rudalt comes back from a hunting trip, he informs Gwened that Vikings have killed Hugo. Gwened’s grief consumes her. But, her grief is quickly replaced by shock as she learns her parents have betrothed her to Hugo’s younger, malformed brother Mateudoi.

Who jilted whom? Darroch MacKeegan vows vengeance when his intended bride, Isabel MacRain, fails to show up for a marriage arranged to settle the long feud between the MacKeegan and MacRain clans. Isabel’s father swears retribution in retaliation when Darroch jilts his daughter at the altar. Is this a simple case of cold feet, or does someone else stand to gain from the mix-up?

Rodrick the Bold

Rodrick is being tormented by nightmares of a young maiden pleading for his help. Night after night, he ignores these terrorizing dreams but realizing it’s his former friend’s sister, he jumps into action- only know she needs him but not where to find her or help her once he’s there.