Anna’s Refuge – Wrackwater Bridge, Book 1


Anna’s first Season begins like a romantic fairy tale and ends in a nightmare of ruination and exile. Lewis angrily watches from the sidelines as his charismatic brother Gideon charms sweet innocent Anna and then spurns her as he moves on to his next conquest. Lewis endeavors to court Anna past her humiliation, but she disappears from town without a goodbye. A chance meeting and a slip of the tongue uncovers Anna’s devastating secret which causes Lewis to pursue an uncommon resolution. Will Anna accept the love and sanctuary gallantly offered? Will Lewis be able to overcome the lecherous natures of his father and brother? Will the two of them be able to defy the odds and create a family better than the dysfunctional ones they’ve always known?

Delving into the dark side of ruined innocence and family dysfunction, "Anna's Refuge" is not the typical historical romance. Every person comes through with a unique point of view and distinctive voice that fully portrays the virtues and flaws of well-developed characters who will carve a space in readers’ hearts and minds. The decadence of a London season, the squalor of workhouses in Leeds, and the small-town coziness of Wrackwater Bridge deliver vivid depictions of Regency England’s landscapes. Readers will find themselves feeling a righteous disgust for the arrogant depravity of Lewis’s family, a horrified outrage for the coldness of Anna’s family, and may even shed a tear for the onslaught of Jack's mental illness. Ms. Reid delivers a heartfelt tale of how a real gentleman's honor, perseverance and devotion can uplift a damsel's despair and provide a place of refuge for her heart!

Tonya Mathenia