Always the Wallflower (Never the Bride #5)

Emily EK

Lady Letitia Cavendish has a duty to be seen in society, a duty she would rather not have. She is shy and a known wallflower. However, her family makes it clear that she needs a suitor soon. She feels utterly hopeless, especially after Edward Wynn starts taking an interest in her. Edward is a Viscount and a very well-known rake. He is fascinated by the young woman who seems so determined to hide. So, what are his true intentions with Letitia? At first, Letitia doesn’t think anything good can come of this and does her best to ignore him. As she gets to know him, however, she sees another side of him. Can she possibly trust him with her heart? Or will he break her heart and ruin her reputation?

This historical romance gives a whole new meaning to the word LONGING. Readers will be begging and pleading for these characters to fall in love, even though it seems impossible for a rake and wallflower. Tensions run high because no one wants to see Letitia get hurt. It is so difficult not to be protective of her. There are points where one may find themselves wanting to smack Edward right across the face, but that just means the story’s emotions are written extremely well. Is Edward perfect? Absolutely not, but he is devilishly charming. Even though this is a relatively short novel, one of the most fabulous aspects is Letitia’s growth. She begins timid and shy but really blossoms! The worst aspect is that it leaves you wanting more!

Amanda Hupe