Always The Second Choice (Never The Bride Book 12)

Emily EK

They say that twins should be close, but that couldn’t be further for the truth for Isabella and Olivia Lymington. Isabella is to wed Colin Vaughn, Duke of Larnwick. Olivia is having to act as chaperone until they are married, and when Isabella goes missing, the blame is laid at Olivia’s feet and she is tasked with finding her sister. Colin is determined to marry Isabella and her disappearance is of a great annoyance. What he doesn’t expect is to have his feelings grow for her sister. Both of them didn’t see it coming and are surprised by it as they try to find Isabella. Will they succeed in their mission and get the happiness they both deserve? Or will Colin be forced to go through with the original offer of marriage to Isabella?

Another excellent offering in the Never the Bride series from Emily E.K. Murdoch. Fans of historical romance will lap this up from the first page until the last. There is a slight cliché with the hero falling for the sister of his intended and vice-versa, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that the characters are well written and the dialogue between Olivia and Colin is fantastic. Readers will be itching for them to get their happy ever after, and those new to this series, it will make one want to go back and enjoy the other books in the series. ‘Always The Second Choice’ has so much to offer and is a page turner worthy of the definition. Download this book and enjoy a summer read with a dashing hero and feisty heroine!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick